This week’s assignment….


I want you to find a reference image of whatever you like (so long as it is a reasonably large image with dynamic shading) and, if it’s not already, change it to greyscale (you can do this in programs like MS Paint, Photoshop, SAI, or online using ezimba). After you have an image with many different shades, I want you to try and replicate it.

By replicate, I mean I want you to try and capture it as realistically as possible. If you choose to do this digital (recommended if you have a tablet and drawing program), do NOT use the eyedropper tool. It’s very important you pick the shades yourselves and try to get it to look as accurate to the photo as possible.

It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed and refined. First and foremost I want your focus to be the value. Two easy techniques to help you find accurate shades are:

1. Zoom out from the image/look at it from far away. Seeing it from a distance helps simplify the image to make it easier for you to compare the shades.

2. Squint your eyes! It’s actually extremely useful and I’m not sure why, but keep squinting as you paint to make sure you’re on the right track.

Goodluck! You have until March 30th to submit for critique. :)